Sunday, October 2, 2011

Family History Update: Ballinger & Henderson

In my ongoing ancestral research, I have uncovered some new cousins through both the Henderson and Ballinger lines.


Where we left off:  In my Horde of Hendersons column, I listed the children of Robert B. Henderson and Joanna Brooks.  I'm pleased to announce that I've discovered more about Elizabeth Brooks "Lizzie" Henderson (b. September 15, 1876 /Died March 4, 1958).

Elizabeth married Thomas Mason Davis (b. May 27, 1872 in Salem, NJ /Died November 15, 1941) on November 26, 1896, and they had 10 children (generation 6):

Robert Wesley (b. June 27, 1898 /Died May 29, 1979)
Jonathan Bonham (b. April 20, 1900 /Died May 14, 1979)
Sanford Thomas (b. July 31, 1901 /Died August 16, 1901)
Bernice Whitaker (b. January 12, 1903 /Died August 24, 1948)
Mary Henderson (b. December 28, 1904 /Died September 18, 1999)
Lucy Fogg (b. November 3, 1906 /Died May 8, 1996)
Bessie Joanna (b. January 21, 1909 /Died November 13, 1983)
Julia Tomlinson (b. July 22, 1910 /Died November 25, 1982)
Ida Shimp (b. February 17, 1912 /Died February 10, 1981)
Mabel E. (b. 1918)

Robert Wesley Davis married Janet MacDonald Stopani (b. July 1, 1901 in Aberdeen, Scotland /Died July 22, 1969), and they had at least 1 daughter.

Jonathan Bonham Davis married Lucille Ellen Rainear (b. August 7, 1905 /Died May 13, 1982), and they had 5 daughters & 2 sons.

Bernice Whitaker Davis married Elwood S. Ayars (b. May 12, 1900 /Died February 8, 1979) on July 2, 1921, and they had the following children:
Ralph Edward (b. May 7, 1922 /Died 1978)
Ethel (b. 1923)
Arthur (b. 1926)
Kenneth R. (b. March 10, 1929 /Died July 3, 2002)

Mary Henderson Davis married Frank Marion Green (b. July 6, 1905 /Died August 11, 1963).  I don't know if they had any children.

Lucy Fogg Davis married Edward Richard Rainear (b. 1904), and they had 2 daughters & 1 son.

Bessie Joanna Davis married Charles Leonard Van Meter, and they had 2 sons.

Julia Tomlinson Davis married Charles James Heritage, and they had a son.

Ida Shimp Davis married Oliver Wallace Green (b March 1, 1911 /Died February 2, 1972) on March 1, 1932.  They had two sons and a daughter.

That's what I have been able to uncover thus far about this line of cousins.  Much of my knowledge about more recent generations is limited, as the closer you get to modern times, the less public information is readily available.  If you are able to add anything to this, I would welcome it.  Please, don't be afraid to contact me.


The Ballinger update involves Harriet Ballinger, daughter of William Ballinger & Caroline Facemire.  Harriet is my first cousin five times removed.  I have recently uncovered that Harriet was married twice.

Harriett first married Edward S. Penton (b. August 12, 1855 in Elsinborough, NJ /Died August 5, 1893) on March 31, 1877.  They had at least 2 children:

A son (name not listed on birth certificate) born December 7, 1882.
Blanche Penton (b. June 4, 1886 /Died February 12, 1955), married Warren Saul Langley (b. May 19, 1884 /Died May 13, 1938).

After Edward's death, Harriett married John R. Reeves (b. November 1861 /Died after 1930) on November 11, 1894 in Millville, NJ.  John & Harriett had 2 children:

Frederick G. Reeves (b. November 15, 1899 /Died June 13, 1973 in Lakeland, Florida)
Edna P. Reeves (b. November 15, 1899)

I hope someone finds this data as interesting as I do.  I'm certain there are some living cousins out there who could use this information in their own ancestral searches.

On a concluding note, one thing I'm lacking from the Ballinger & Henderson lines is photographs.  It would be nice to find some eventually.

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