Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tuesday Sneak Peek: The Curse of Selwood

I know a lot of you out there are eager to read more of my stories.  Whether you're fans of West of the Warlock, The Guns of Mars, or some of my earlier works, no doubt you wouldn't mind having a peek at more recent material.  While I can't throw out entire novels here, I will be posting little snippets from time to time, which should whet your appetites, and keep you more in the loop.

For our very first Sneak Peek, I'm pleased to share a couple of paragraphs from my forthcoming Fantasy Western, "The Curse of Selwood."  This novel is already under contract with Hall Brothers Entertainment, and will be appearing on their website next year (tentative schedule is for a May/June start date).  Keep in mind, this is raw text, unedited in the least.

Here goes, get ready for the first taste!

            The streets of Selwood were usually bustling on a Friday afternoon, but people are bound to run for cover when they hear gunshots.  Six loud rapports at uneven intervals cleared Main Street, as an inebriated elf came staggering through town.  He was fit to be tried over something even he wasn't sure about, though his motivations were not the law's concern.  The fact that he was threatening public safety warranted his arrest, though it was a job easier said than done.
            Joella Grimes-Talus ducked behind a hay cart as a bullet came her way.  The deputy badge pinned to her chest assigned her the responsibility to deal with this sort of unruly citizen, but it didn't mean she was prepared to die.  The cemetery was full of bold fools who took their jobs too seriously.  The survivors knew when to hide.
            Another bullet sank into the cart's side with a disconcerting thump.  "I see you hiding there," the drunk said with slurred speech.  "Come on out and face me like a man, human scum!"
            "I'm neither human nor a man," Joella replied from behind the cart.

That's about all I'm going to share of "The Curse of Selwood" before its official release date, but in the coming weeks I plan to post snippets from some of my other works.  Some are published, others have yet to see the light of day.  Either way, they're worth reading!

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