Friday, October 21, 2011

A Writer's Plea

As we plunge deeper into fall, I continue to push forward with my writing.  Having recently completed The Curse of Selwood, I am working on ways to promote West of the Warlock, the first book in the series.  This new Fantasy Western franchise is taking me in directions I never considered before, and I'm pleased that so many people are enjoying the tales.

Even so, I have a long way to go before I am considered a commercial success.  In this world of instant self-publishing, were every semi-literate kid can put a book on the market, it is growing incredibly difficult to break free from the pack of mediocrity.  While I have the literary skills and the fruitful imagination necessary for a serious writing career, the one thing I lack is something each and every one of you can provide.  That is simply your support.  Without you, I am nothing, and I implore you to help me.

There are a few things that I hope you will endeavor to do.  These simple things would benefit me tremendously on my quest for success!

1: Visit this blog regularly.  I post fresh content several times a week, and I hope you will keep track of my various exploits and keep in touch through the blog.  Share the link with friends!

2:  Spread the word.  A writer's best promotional tool is his pre-existing friends & fans.  I'm sure you have friends & relatives who wouldn't mind learning about me.  Please, tell them about my work, and point them to my website!

3: If you haven't already, pick up a copy of my latest release, West of the Warlock.  It is very affordable in any format, and each book sold gets me that much closer to selling another book.  Yes, a single sale could be the tipping point in the grand scheme of things.  For the price of cheap take-out, you can have an entertaining read, and be doing me a big favor.  Purchase it from the Hall Brothers Shop if you really want to make a difference!

What may seem trivial or irrelevant to you could make a world of difference to me.  Thank you for caring enough to perform these little things, and assuring that the world has not heard the last of my fanciful tales.  Press on!

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