Monday, October 10, 2011

The Road Not Taken (Minstrel Mondays)

Here's a little poem about alternate realities, or the ponderance of their possible existence.  Ever wonder what if about your past?  If so, this will ring true.

You're the road not taken
a place I've never been.
An opportunity that passed me by
that'll never come again.

You were likely a big mistake
a path of pain and despair
but did perchance I tread down you
in an alternate world so fair?

A sidestep through reality
created at the crossroads of life
where points of decision twist and turn
giving every choice a chance.

So somewhere beyond yesterday
I chose the other lane
and there the road not taken
became my destiny.

Did we dance, did we sing
did we cry in misery?
We could have done it all,
you see, in an alternate reality.

A tale of tomorrow's never
can always bring a smile
for it's nothing but a fantasy
full of promise and denial.

And I'll always wonder,
if somewhere over there,
upon the road not taken
if we're pondering what it's like here.

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