Monday, October 3, 2011

Blood in the Batter (Minstrel Mondays)

This past weekend has brought some serious progress on my latest novel, the sequel to "West of the Warlock."  Over two days, I managed to crank out 8,000 words for "The Curse of Selwood."  Of course, the next five days I probably won't get half that many words written, but I should still have this book finished by the end of the month.  Then it will be on to something completely different for National Novel Writing Month!

Here's a quirky thing I wrote many years ago.  Beware the red cookies!

Distinctive mistakes,
they are hidden
by the best
of all mankind.

Eighty years old,
grandmother of three,
prepares her heirs
a breakfast treat.

A simple thing,
whipping up batter,
for pancakes she's made
a million times before.

Seeking a spoon
deep in a drawer,
her hand strikes a knife,
the blade, a vein.

Pulling the hand
free from the drawer,
she rests it a second
over the meal.

a spray of red
soaks the batter,
spoiling the mixture
in the porcelain bowl.

Wrapping her hand,
too old and tired
to remake the mix,
she must act quick.

Stirring the blood
into the batter,
the white turns red,
a festive color.

The family marvels
at the beautified breakfast
as they sup upon
an unknown accident.

A year to the day,
grandma passes away,
taking with her to the grave
the secret of her recipe.

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